Pro Recreation, LLC dba Sport Systems, warrants that all Rally Master Panels and mounting components shall be free from structural failure for a period of twenty years from the date of shipping. Pro Recreation, LLC’s sole obligation under the warranty shall be to repair or replace the defective part(s) only at its sole and absolute option. To make a warranty claim, please send your claim in writing to:

Pro Recreation, LLC dba Sport Systems

Manufacturing-Warranty Division

155 Woodland Road

Rockville, Maryland, 20850

We will, at our sole and absolute discretion, determine whether a part repair or part replacement is required. If a part inspection is required prior to our determination, customer will send us the part, pre-paid freight. Customer is responsible for all freight charges on parts repaired or replacement under this warranty. Normal wear and tear, damage through Acts Of God, misuse, improper installation, vandalism, and any claim that is not for structural failure are excluded. Rally Master “Catch Nets” and support poles are not covered by a warranty.