Product Features

Below are the product features of our tennis ball backboards.

Panel Construction

Rally Master Backboard panels are solid-core, dense plastic with the rich color molded directly into the panel.  Density and flexibility combine to make Rally Master the most durable tennis ball backboards on the market.  Our product includes an industry-leading 20-year warranty.

Reduced Sound

Our patent-pending vibration dampeners and mounting technique substantially reduce rebound noise. Decibel readings indicate that a tennis ball hitting a Rally Master Backboard is no louder than a tennis ball hitting a tennis racket, and even quieter than a basketball being dribbled on an asphalt court.

Vandal Resistance

The unique Rally Master panel design combines solid dense plastic, enhanced with unmatched flexibility and strength.  No fiber-glass or hollow core backboard can stand up to constant use and abuse better than Rally Master Backboards.


Backboard practice is also great for pickleball, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball.  These uses can ruin other types of tennis ball backboards.

Permanent Net Line

Forget replacing net lines made of flimsy tape.  Rally Master lines are permanently etched into the panels.

Mounting Systems:

Direct Connect Models

On this set up, your Rally Master Backboard will be connected directly to the fence posts; however, the hardware is designed for use on fences that have plumb posts (all posts lined up or on newly set posts independent of a fence. If you try to install them on fences with wind damaged posts or out-of-plumb posts, it will be virtually impossible to properly align panels.

OFF-set Models

If your fence is not suitable for a direct connect model, we also have an off-set option. Your Rally Master Backboard hardware kit will come with support columns and adjustable brackets. The squared columns will be compensate for slightly out-of-plumb fence posts.

Corrosion-resistant Hardware

Panels are mounted to heavy-duty, galvanized cross braces that are attached to vertical posts using galvanized hardware for unmatched durability.


Rally Master Backboards are manufactured in 10’x4’ panels.  The minimum size available for purchase is 10’x12’.  There is no limit on length, the only requirement being that the total length is divisible by four.