Product Specs


The tennis return wall product specs are as follows: General: Solid core, flexible, dense plastic panels with color molded directly into the panels complying with the following: Construction:
  1. Panel construction: Proprietary blend of polyethylene and additives for flexibility, impact resistance and U.V. stabilization. ¾” thick..
  2. Panel size: 4’ feet wide x 10’ feet long.
  3. Panel weight: 150 lbs per panel. (68 kgs)
  4. Panel color: Integral green color molded directly into the panels with permanent etched white line.
  5. Complete assembled backboard dimensions as indicated on installation instructions drawings.
Mounting Hardware: All hardware is to be supplied by the manufacturer.
  1. Horizontal Panel Struts: 12-gauge galvanized steel mounted to tennis fence posts.
  2. Connection hardware: Galvanized nuts, bolts and brackets.
  3. Dampener Tape: Self- stick, closed cell to reduce sound and vibration.
  4. Materials: aluminum, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  5. All kits include all parts for installation based on application.
Warranty: 20 year structural warranty. Manufacturer: Rally Master Backboards by Pro Recreation LLC dba Sport Systems, in Rockville, MD. Phone# 240-660-2881. Contact Juliana at for estimates.