Specs & Installation

Rally Master Backboard Specifications: Rally Master Backboards are the most durable tennis backboard on the market and can also be used for lacrosse, soccer, basketball and many other applications.  Rally master Backboards come with an industry leading 20 year warranty. Panel Detail:
  • Panels to be green with integrated white net line.
  • Solid, 3/4″ U.V. Stabilized Plastic Panels.  (150 lbs. per panel)
  • Panels are 10′ high and available in any 4′ wide increment.
  • Highly flexible panel on patent-pending mounting system.
Mounting Hardware: Our Patent Pending mounting system includes all mounting hardware.
  • (4) 12 Gauge, Galvanized Mounting Brackets are mounted horizontally to fence posts.
  • Bottom Panel Support is Powder Coated Aluminum.
  • All nuts, bolts, and mounting brackets are stainless steel.
  • Polyethylene Dampeners help to reduce sound and vibration.
  • 8 degree back-sloped models utilize aluminum columns.
Mounting Requirements: Rally Master Backboards are generally installed on tennis courts utilizing round pipe.  However, they can be adapted to be mounted as free standing units or mounted on block walls.
  • Minimum Fence Post Requirements:   2 ½” OD Pipe, SS40
  • Maximum Post Spacing:    10’ O.C.